Cut Pile/knotted pile weaving

Although this is a thoroughly modern tapestry loom the weaving style on it is ancient.  In the Scythian graves that I’ve been studying lately lies the oldest cut pile/knotted carpet ever discovered and it is a piece that showed sophistication and skill so it was already an established craft.  This is a very easy type of weaving to pick up although it requires patience (I know, why am I trying it then?) and is very relaxing.  Actually working from a chart till you memorize your pattern will produce a better weaving though:>.  Weave or twine a border then throw two weft shots.  Then do a row of knots.  On the selvedges though it has it’s own twining going on that is important to the structure of the piece.  After a few knotted rows come back and trim the wool to the length that you want it and there you have a cut pile rug started!  For some truly amazing work see  She has a yurt for a workshop so you know she’s got to be cool!  Cut pile and flatwoven bags have a long history of use in Central Asia as they are easily portable and stand up to a lot of abuse.  Ms. Lamb’s work is an awesome example of the old inspiring the new.  I’m looking forward to picking up her book this coming fall and furthering my rug weaving education.


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More felting

Felt boots for the soon to be 3 yr old

Scythian Felt hat based on images of Scythian nomads of Central Asia.

Viking theme felt hanging made to exhibit at Scanfest 2007.

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