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Today’s session has been about edges and blending. I’m much less frustrated at this int and starting to see improvement.


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Digital summer

I’m working on trying to up my skills in digital art. On the left is a comp started on the ipad. After good advice and starting over on the right is the piece in photoshop. Lots of work still to do.


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Color compin ps attempt



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Working right along

I’m still working on my Nomad rider piece although I’ve managed to seek a few landscape studies in as well. Trying to work on texture and detail. Portraying the felt saddle pad has been a blast although I’ll need to sleep on it and look again tomorrow with fresh, more critical eyes. Starting to work on the rider next then the background.


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Step by step

Art is something I feel strongly can be taught as a skill. Some people are wildly gifted and it comes easily but others learn through determination and practice. I’ll keep practicing. Breaking this project down into steps, just like working on a sheep to shawl project, is helping me see better how to share those steps with others.

I’m focusing on the horse first. Learning a lot about trying to portray leather and the wooden Scythian bit. Lots more work ahead!



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Digital Obsession

I’m finding the Ipad more then adequate for getting ideas going. ProCreate for Ipad is working as really well and the files are easy to upload the open in photoshop. After taking some pics at riding the other week I found one that I thought would be enjoyable to turn into a depiction of a 10th century Steppe nomad. I’m working on creating a black and white under painting then glazing with color to see how the process works digitally. One of the skills I’m hoping to develop is depicting textures.






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I got a little silly tonight working of the sword. Paladin anyone? One of the things that fascinates me about digital art is the ability to use layers and make simple changes as needed.



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Digital art

About 9 or 10 years ago I snapped a picture with the intention of using it for a painting. I really enjoying the art process via the ipad. I’d describe this as a work in progress. Started it as a quick exercise supposed to take only an hour. Whoops. Plenty of things to correct and refine but its been a lot of fun to work on.






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Playing with Ipad art again

I’m playing with ProCreate on the Ipad 4 right now. I’m fairly happy with the results and the image files transfer quite well to Photoshop for refinement and printing.



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Strangely enough…

Strangely enough working 40-60 hours a week for 2.5 months has cut down on my posting time.  Still sneaking in fiber though!  This past weekend, my first off since August, featured getting to chance to pick my own cotton here at a local farm!  I’m greatly excited about it.  Also in the back of the van is a beautiful fleece from a local Alpaca farmer.

I’m also still having fun learning more and more about digital art and website design and management.  Baby steps really!  Here’s tonight’s fun project…

Test for psd to html website using Dreamweaver.

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