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Warp weighted loom project

Continuing on with my weaving project for the warp weighted loom: 6.25 oz of locally grown Romney that I scoured, then combed, then spun with the worsted draft into lace weight singles. After skeining the yarn I wet finished it with hot water and hung it out, weighted down, on the porch to dry. I’m excited to have produced weaving yarn in accordance to the research presented from extant pieces in Greenland from the Viking era:)

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Warp Weighted Loom Resources

Lately I’ve really been enjoying the opportunity to weave on a Warp Weighted Loom. Following various sets of instructions that I found both on the web and in books the husband and I were able to construct a functional loom for between $30-35. It also can act as a warping board, a card weaving loom, and if warped up slightly differently a tapestry of upright loom. I find that I am enjoying the versatility of the loom and the way it leans against the wall, out of the way of day to day activities.

If you’d like to make a loom of your own here are some resources that I found to be helpful…

WWLoom Yahoo group…a group of weavers of all levels of experience who share an interest in this type of loom. The files and photos are especially helpful.

Huge listing of Links and resources!


Woven into the Earth: Textile finds in Norse Greenland by Else Ostergard

Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns by Lilli Fransen, Anna Norgard, Else Ostergard

The Warp Weighted Loom by Marta Hoffman

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Making Progress with the Viking Warp Weighted Loom

The Warp Weighted Loom is progressing.  I’m learning a lot from this weaving process.  It’s not a fast weaving.  It’s taken two solid afternoons/evenings to go about 5 to 6 inches.  I now believe that my wool weft choice has played into that and am trying to think of where to take the design to avoid using much more of that grey weft.

Here was the first try.  The weights weren’t heavy enough for a weft faced weave and the weft needed to be more robust.  I unwove it a few days ago and started over.

Here is the current progress.  Beating the weft is tough.  You throw an offside up into the center of the warp a minimum of 6-8 times to get the grey to pack down reasonably.  The color stripes actually go in really quickly in comparison.  I’m thinking of doing a color progression of these stripes till almost the bottom then going back to the grey to mirror the design on the top.  After this gets down I should be ready to start with the grey handspun project.  As far as this type of weaving goes though…weft faced blankets were made and used in Scadanavian countries in period and are still produced today in some tiny amount it seems.  The name for these is Grener or Grene.  Yep, spell check is my enemy with this search for info.

My Sweetie  gave it a few whacks on a row tonight. Notice he is just the right height for this loom whereas I need that white stool to stand on.  I choose this height due to the info presented on Viking era weaving but I’m thinking of chopping off some height cause I don’t enjoy falling off the stool while weaving.  Or slapping myself in the face with the beater for that matter:>.  It’s truly been a learning experience!

Here is the first of a great short series of weaving videos on using this loom.  This lady makes it look so easy!

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