Detail of an antique Turkish Spindle

This lovely spindle was given to me by a good friend and weaver, Laverne over at  I feel so lucky to have it.  It’s 2 oz heavy and 17 inches tall.

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Spindle Love

A fellow spinning friend from Ravelry gifted me with this wonderful handmade spindle recently.  She often walks in the woods and finds wooden treasures then comes home and releases the forms within creating whimsical, functional fiber tools.  I’m so happy to give this little Phang a home.  It’s right about 10 inches tall and fits in the hand perfectly.  There is a warmth in it’s handcarved lines that make me think the maker must be a pretty special gal:>>

I believe we both became interested in Phangs during discussions on Ravelry.  Tracey Hudson, who’s articles on her time in Ladakh were published by Interweave Press, was kind enough to share her source material and specifications which got us started on experiments.

If you’re intersted in real, visceral, authentic spinning then this is it.  Spinning not as a hobby but to produce yarn for the weaving of daily use garments in the Himalayas.

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Shyrdaks at Mswf

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Battle of Ramseur’s Mill

Pics from the reenactments at our local Rev War battle site. The Great Wheel is descended from the spindle wheels brought back to Europe in the 1200s.

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Warp weighted loom project

Continuing on with my weaving project for the warp weighted loom: 6.25 oz of locally grown Romney that I scoured, then combed, then spun with the worsted draft into lace weight singles. After skeining the yarn I wet finished it with hot water and hung it out, weighted down, on the porch to dry. I’m excited to have produced weaving yarn in accordance to the research presented from extant pieces in Greenland from the Viking era:)

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For Cookie

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Naturally Dyed Colors

Some colors dyed in the fall. I’m plotting and planning fir this spring’s dye garden.

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Warp Weighted Loom Resources

Lately I’ve really been enjoying the opportunity to weave on a Warp Weighted Loom. Following various sets of instructions that I found both on the web and in books the husband and I were able to construct a functional loom for between $30-35. It also can act as a warping board, a card weaving loom, and if warped up slightly differently a tapestry of upright loom. I find that I am enjoying the versatility of the loom and the way it leans against the wall, out of the way of day to day activities.

If you’d like to make a loom of your own here are some resources that I found to be helpful…

WWLoom Yahoo group…a group of weavers of all levels of experience who share an interest in this type of loom. The files and photos are especially helpful.

Huge listing of Links and resources!


Woven into the Earth: Textile finds in Norse Greenland by Else Ostergard

Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns by Lilli Fransen, Anna Norgard, Else Ostergard

The Warp Weighted Loom by Marta Hoffman

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Yurt Band

These are pictures of a yurt band that was attributed to weavers in Afghanistan. Unlike the yurt band we have that is attributed to South Khygryz weavers this band included cotton in it’s construction. The white yarn is cotton. It does create a very vibrant contrast. I wonder what prompted the weaver or weavers to choose a nontraditional material on an item that is so labor intensive? I would love to find more bands to study!

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Testing Out Blogsy

Testing out yet another blogging app. Hoping to get this more easily streamlined for several upcoming projects.

Testing the embedding of videos as well.

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