Qashqai Style Spindle — The “Pareh”

This spindle is by a friend on Ravelry.  We’ve both been involved in an online discussion group about the history and use of spindles around the world for about a year now.  My friend has translated some of the pictures and points of discussion into a very usuable test spindle. I have not been able to find any examples of this spindle without a yarn cop already wound on it but live in hope that some day I’ll run across one.  The history of this group of nomads really interests me and is fascinating but perhaps better left for a different post. Needless to say though some of their earliest history intersects with the Turkic groups I am studying for my SCA hobby.

The Qashqai are a nomadic people of Iran/Persia of Turkic origin.  There isn’t a lot of current information available about them but in the past they herded large herds of livestock over the mountains in Spring and Fall.  They have a heritage of rug weaving, woven tents, and beautiful textile arts.

My immediate thoughts upon using my friend’s gracious gift: “The simple join on this spindle makes loads more sense then the Turkish spindle style join that I used on my spindles. At .5 oz she is light on the wrists and easy to use. I’m getting a lovely soft semiworsted single spinning a merino/mohair blend dyed deep blue with indigo from last fall. The two under, two over wrap is producing exactly the right cop as well:>. I really like the versatility of this spindle.”.  I can’t stress enough how smooth the hand carved wood is or how relaxing this spindle is to spin.


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4 thoughts on “Qashqai Style Spindle — The “Pareh”

  1. conor

    Have you seen this video?

    • ladyvirag

      Words cannot express how much I appreciate your link!!!! I’ve been looking for this for years now! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. conor

    There is also this video (starting at about 1:07)

  3. conor

    and I just found this video (spinning starts at about 1:50)

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