testing out the WordPress app again

Still trying to find the right combo for mobile blogging. This time I’m testing out the WordPress app. I was unhappy with it before but am hopeful about this latest update. The addition of a a small wireless keyboard is also making this work out better. The real test will be what happens when I try to add some pictures to the mix.

Actually so far the app has crashed 3 times in one paragraph so I’m thinking this is still not going to be a good solution. How disappointing.

I’ve been doing a bit of natural dyeing lately and really enjoying it. Indigo is my favorite I must say. I’m making plans for felting with natural dyes and building up the stock to do it with.

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2 thoughts on “testing out the WordPress app again

  1. I use http://posterous.com for my mobile blogging. You send an email to post@posterous.com, and you can set it up to go to FB, Twitter, WordPress, & numerous other sites. Very easy.

    • ladyvirag

      Thanks:>. I actually do use it some but it won’t let me put a pic then text then another pic, etc. I think it’s an awesome service though for single shots! It’s really weird and doubles up the photos when I post more then one though. I love using the phone and ipad but they are def. not the perfect tools yet for blogging.

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