more sketches

Last night’s sketch went a lot faster then the first two.  Maybe some of this will be like getting back on a horse or a bike after a long time.  I’m thinking I’m almost ready to jump in with the paints…just gotta psych myself up to it.  It’s OK to fail.  Really, I’ll believe that soon.  I’m working on redeveloping a stack of ideas.  I used to have bunches of idea sketches, notebooks, etc.  You jot something down and then revisit it later. It’ll come in time.  I’m also considering seeing if they are taking submissions for the Acorn any more.  I went to the webpage but couldn’t find any submission guidelines so I guess I’ll need to email directly.  Who knows?  It’s about the only place for my weird subject matter though:>.  I wish I had a Medieval or Renn themed story to illustrate though.:>

Here’s one from a pic Rurik posed for years ago.  I ran it thru the copier to get the dark lines from the pencil original.  I’m actually inking it in PS too and will be interested to see how the results compare.  My friend  has been prodding me to get on board the 100 drawings project.  I think doing 100 drawings of the same object would bore me to tears but I can handle trying to fill up every page of the sketch book with a drawing.  I think we will both agree that that will surfice:>.  Pretty soon I’m going to run out of pictures to use as sources and have to go asking my friends to send me cool pics to work from (hint, hint).

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