Having a fun fiber week!
My weaving buddy Laverne of www.backstrapweaving.wordpress.com is visiting once again and I’m really thrilled to have her company. One of the things that is so interesting about weaving with Laverne is watching the casual fluidity and economy of motion that years of intense practice have developed. Another thing that is interesting is learning how she uses simple, portable tools to create beautiful, complicated weavings. One of those tools would be her petite travel sized warping board. Using a large Navajo shuttle Laverne repurposed it into two objects…a shuttle and a warping board. The board has four holes in it that laverne then puts bolts in when she is ready to set it up as a warping board. a straw cut in half protects the warp ends from getting caught on the bolt when it’s time to slide them off. I am simply enthralled by this inexpensive, portable solution. Earlier this week we were joined by another area weaver named who recently retired and decided to begin weaving by building several large multishaft looms and then jumping right into complicated weaves like Overshot. Maurice had some great insights for making the warping process quicker and also fixed a tie that controlled the movement of the back beam on my fourshaft loom. I’m really tickled. Meanwhile laverne had picked out some lovely colors in crochet cotton we obtained from Rainey Day Yarns in Pineville, SC which when warped really shines.

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