Been a while…

Well, I admit I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging for the last two months.  So many wonderful fiber happenings have been going on.  First my friend Laverne visited us ( then we went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival, the Laverne came back, and then lots of spinning and weaving and biking.  Yes, I’ve gone crazy for my bicycle as well.  I packed up a spindle and a loom and biked all over the place on vacation:>.  Just in the last three weeks I’ve gone about 140 miles.  The freedom of the bicycle has been lovely and I have the very real results of exercise to show for it was well.  I’m so looking forward to packing up my spindles and backstrap looms and doing some traveling in the fall while the sprout is in class!  Meanwhile, here are some pics until I can catch up:>.

Joshua rides off lead for the first time on Dean, a 24-26 yr old Arabian gelding belonging to a good friend. Dean is a total gentleman.

Last stop on a 15 mile trip to get fresh veggies:>. This farm is just down the road and I'd never have thought to stop if I had been in my car.

Beautiful fiber tools from Spanish Peacock. I LOVE these tools my friend and mentor has made.

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2 thoughts on “Been a while…

  1. elizaduckie

    Love the bike!!! What kind is it…the color is sublime.

    • ladyvirag

      It’s a 2009 Raleigh Route 3.0. I am having a lot of fun with it as a city bike but I’m kinda wanting to look at a light touring bike as a country bike. Going up hills is a bit difficult. I’ve gone about 250 miles on it so far and have had a lot of fun! Btw, if you look online you can find the 2009s for a fairly good discount new still.

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