Qashqai Spindle Mockup

I’m very excited.  I have been thinking and thinking on how a Qashqai spindle might be put together.  It makes sense to me that a tool used by nomads would need to break down reasonably flat to avoid breakage during transport and similar spindles used by other rug making peoples such as those in Turkey have spindles with break down to leave the spinner with a ball of yarn from which to ply.  Also I started looking at how some spindles might be transported and began to find spindle/spoon bags from different rug producing groups on collector’s sites.  I took all the photos I could find off the web and drew pictures of the spindles which resulted in two make designs from the two.   Then I took a pizza box and started cutting.  I also experimented with my Spanish Peacock Turk which I modified to spin as a midwhorl in the manner of the Qashqai spindle.  I discovered that using a wrap of over two, under two produced a wrapping pattern that appears to be inline with what is in the pictures.

While the proportion of the arms is somewhat off and obviously one dimensional I am very happy with this as a step.   Next I plan on creating one in wood and trying to get a good spin out of it.  That will be the real challenge.  I suspect there are several ways that the arms could be fit together and I choose the method I used because it was expedient to use with cardboard and scissors.

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