Ahmet’s Spindle: An antique Turkish Spindle

Here is an antique Turkish Spindle that belongs to a local spinner/weaver/knitter  who has loaned it to me to post here. On the side it is inscribed with the name “Ahmet” and weights between 2.6 and 2.8 ozs. It’s riddled with holes where insects have eaten thru it and the tips are broken off on either end of the long arms. There is a residual of red paint on the bottom of the shorter arm and the long arm has decorative carving. The top has a notch carved into it and the entire pice appears to be hand carved. It spins surprisingly well and I was immediately able to get a good spin and a decent yarn sample. The arms fit together the small on going thru the big on and the shaft flares ever so slightly underneath those arms to stabilize their position. The shaft is just a bit over 10 inches long. The long arm is 6 3/4 inches long and an inch wide and the short arm is 5.5 inches long and an inch wide (width looking down at the spindle from the top). From bottom to top the short arm is a .5 inches and the long arm starts at at right about an inch and tapers to .5 inch.

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I’d Love to get a spindle like this someday so please message me if you know where they can be found online:>.

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3 thoughts on “Ahmet’s Spindle: An antique Turkish Spindle

  1. Dana N

    Hi. You might try finding such a spindle at Jenkins Turkish Spindles at the following address:
    The carved spindle is his replica of my own….an antique spindle found in Greece, in 1996. We were in either Hydros, or Naplios, and had stopped in a tiny shop crowded with old items. At the time, I thought the item was a childs twirly toy, although I was puzzled by the matching carved cup. It sat pretty on our shelf for over a decade before I learned it’s true purpose is to spin wool into yarn. I like to think the original creator would be pleased to know this charming hand-carved spindle is once again treasured by a spinner.
    At our Black Sheep Gathering festival, I asked Mr. Jenkins to make another spindle with the same dimensions, and he has made a lovely replica. Perhaps you’ll soon be able to obtain one for yourself.
    Good luck.

  2. Hi! I just surfed into this page while surfing for antique spindle designs. I have a number of spindles that I have hand crafted myself and I am always putting up new stuff. If you send my some designs on how you might like one carved I will certainly do what I can to help you out.

    sorry about the shameless self promotion.

    If you are interested in seeing some of my work here is some info:

    My Etsy:


    My Blog:


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