Pimped my Spindle

So I’ve been researching nomadic spindles…big shock, right?  One of the forms that really interests me is is the Qashqai tribe’s spindle.  It’s something of a mid whorl to top whorl turkic style spindle.  The Qashqai have a fairly unique spindle, weave rugs, and are located in Iran with some of them still maintaining a tradtional nomadic lifestyle.  After looking at a few pics I made a quick sketch…

I still haven’t been able to find a video of one of these in use although I’ve found two videos that are using a different type of spindle for plying which doesn’t seem to be unusual. About 40% thru this video a set up for plying can be seen…it’s very exciting:>.

I decided to try messing with my spindle to see if I could get a clue how it might work.  It’s a wonderful Spanish Peacock Turk that is a delight to hold and spin with and did I mention it’s really pretty?  To do this crazy thing I used hair bands below and above the whorl to secure the arms.

I’ve been spinning on it today and it’s a lot of fun.  I believe the straight shaft on the real one could be used to thigh roll but don’t have any proof yet of how it’s spun.  I also thing the real ones must be longer based on the pictures.  The info must be out there somewhere.   If you’re looking for the Sca link here its as difficult as any other nomadic research.  This people are descended from the Oghuz.  I’m trying to figure out the different groups and their descendants and figure out what features, clothing, designs, etc.  they have in common then try to trace back.

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