One handed worsted draft for use with a supported spindle

I am currently learning how to spin with various supported spindles.  Here is a method for use in spinning a worsted single with a support spindle rather then using a long draft which creates a woolen single.

First step is to place your fiber between your first two fingers and the drafting zone between your thumb and ring finger.

Use your thumb and ringfinger to untwist your drafting zone. I hold my thumb still and twist the yarn down to the base of my thumb. With your top two fingers pull up and away from your thumb to elongate your fiber supply.

Let your thumb and ringfinger go either completely or guardedly depending on how much twist you want to let into the drafting zone.

Start all over.

Start the process back over by grasping the yarn and unrolling while pulling upwards.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to locate the 19th or early 20th century photo that inspired me to try this.  Virag

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