This is sooooo much fun to do on a day when you don’t feel like doing much. I used worsted weight wool that I had kicking around the art studio for a quick to knit experiment with a pattern from “Simply Socks” by Anna Zilboorg. The design itself is traditional to Central Asia and Anatolia and often is found in rugs as well as felts, knits, and embroidery. Because the colors are “carried” and overlap each other inside the sock it’s going to be quick warm though so far I think I made it just a tad too snug. I may finish out this pair as a Christmas gift to someone else with an 8.5 foot but one that’s not so wide as mine. On the other hand it has great arch support and may loosen up a bit with wearing:>. I feel like I need yurt time now:>.
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  1. These are gorgeous! You have combined the colors beautifully.

    • ladyvirag

      Thanks gal:>. Unfortunately they are much, much too tight. I’m going to have to unravel them back to that last black band and turn them into mittens. It’s ok though cause it has been a great learning experience!

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