Doubleweave on a Rigid Heddle loom using 3 rigid heddles…

This past summer I had the opportunity to take a class with the Dread Vicountess Seelie at Pennsic.  I have a Beka rigid heddle loom that is warped with linen.  It’s warped thusly…

S H S S  (third heddle farthest away)


S S S H  (closet heddle to the weaver)

so the first yarn goes thru all three slots.  The next yarn goes thru two slots and the last hole and so on and so forth.

to weave Tabby or Plainweave…

1. Heddle 3 goes above the block and sets on it.  Lift up the first heddle to meet the third then pass the weft through.

2. Heddle 3 stays down below the block and 2 is brought up to meet 4 (the invisible heddle) and 1 and 3 are down.

Pass  the weft.

Doubleweave options…

“weaving a C”

1,3 are the top layer, 2,4 are the bottom layer

1. Bring 1 up and pass the weft, beat, then put 1 off of the block and 2 below while bring 1 and 3 up to meet “4”.

2. 1,2,3 all go up on the block while the invisible heddle 4 is left on the bottom and pass weft.

3. Bring 3 up on the block and pass the weft.


1 up

2 down

3 up

123 up (4 up)


1 up

2 down

1,2,3 up

3 up

“2 Layer”

1 up

2 down

3 up

123 up

“2 Layer Reverse”

2 up

1 down

123 down

3 down

notes… 2 Layer 1 produces a top fabric of color 1 andbottom of color 2 so 2 distinct pieces of fabric.

2 Layer Reverse produces strips and a fabric with holes at either sides and a join in between which creates a series of connected tubes.

I’m working on a sampler using this info from the class finally.  I hope I’ll take another class from this teacher next Pennsic.  There is also a great book on ebay by a monk on the West Coast that details how to use a rigid heddle loom with 3 heddles to reproduce 4 shaft patterns…

“Weaving with Three Rigid Heddles” by David B. McKinney

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