Patsy Z workshop and Freehaven Farm

This past weekend I was thrilled to attend Patsy Z’s Spin Control workshop.  It was held at Freehaven Farm in Sc which featured a wonderful assortment of animals including Highland Cattle, sheep, goats, bunnies, llamas, horses, and alpacas.  The working dogs were amazing too:>.  Patsy’s workshop really did a great job of filling in the numerous holes in understanding that I had with my spinning and I feel like I am now armed with enough info to create whatever yarn I really want to use for knitting or weaving.  I can’t wait for her Spinning for Weaving class hopefully this spring.

While I was there I was able to pick up 2 ozs of Jacob wool from sheep from the farm.  I had a lot of fun spinning it and am thinking of getting some more.  I also had a blast with romney from Whistlestop Farm in Vale, NC.  I am currently working on scouring a fleece from Whistlestop Farm that is chocolate laced with silver and is just lovely.

Jacob from Freehaven Farm

Jacob wool and singles

Jacob wool 2 ply yarn

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2 thoughts on “Patsy Z workshop and Freehaven Farm

  1. Sallie

    Hi, Lisa, your new yarn looks lovely. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the spinning workshop. I wish I could have gone but it didn’t work out. I’ve heard lots of good things about Patsy Z’s classes. What is the info on spinning for weaving class you mentioned? Will she be back in the area again in the spring?

    • ladyvirag

      Come over some time and I’ll go over all the stuff from the class with you:>.

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