Trying out some embroidery…

I’m fascinated by Central Asian embroidery.  It’s so wild, chaotic, and vibrant.  I especially like the tribal embroideries.  Within the SCA context I’ve been researching for my “persona” which is set in a time period and place for which there are no extant clothing examples.  To try and create something reasonably thought out I’ve been researching what came before and what has come after that time period.  One of these things sent me looking into the Turkmen/Turkomen/Tekke tribes.  These tribes seem to be descended in part from the peoples that I’m researching and their traditional art echoes motiffs that are very ancient and found throughout Central Asia.  For this project I’m creating a simple bag that would hang in a yurt to store valuables.

These bags from Central Asia are brilliant in their simplicity.  This one is from Thomas Cole and is for sale.  You take a square and fold it like an envelope then attach three of the points.  So far in researching this I’ve found bags made from felt, cloth, and cut pile.  After looking at a number of these online I decided to try one of my own…

First I drew a square and made the basic shapes based off the original.

First I drew a square and made the basic shapes based off the original.

Different bags from different groups seem to use whatever decorative techniques are natively popular. One example would be finding on done in chain stitch from Krygzstan.

I used the tree of life and ram’s horn elements just like the original but intend to change the border somewhat to suit my own tastes.

Turn it over and flip the corners together to get an idea of the finished size.

Fold the corners to find out what your bag will look like:.

Fold the corners to find out what your bag will look like:>.

I outlined a part of the design then did a running stitch mixed with a backstitch.

Outlining in stem stitch.

Filling in with ladder stitch.

I think this project will take quite some time but it’s very relaxing.

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