Fingerless Mitten

Did some felting this weekend with company and here’s my fingerless mitten.  I need to make the second one now.  The colors on both pictures are off from the actual mitten—it’s brighter but greener and redder.  I used 4 layers merino in white and 4 layers of the dyed roving which makes a sitff, supportive mitt. I made the pattern just a bit bigger then this wool actually needed so I’m going to slim it down for the next mitten.   I think it’d actually be great for wearing at night when I need wrist support but it’s a  bit too thick for everyday wear.  I’m going to make a second on 6 layers to go with it then keep tweaking till I get the thickness I want.  I played around with embroidering it in chain stitch and blanket stitch around the edges.   It’d also be great under a gauntlet at an event like Ymir:>.  This will surely keep my hand warm!  I will take pictures of the process of creating the second one and post it next.

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  1. I love those mitts. Thanks so much for posting about them.

    • ladyvirag

      Thanks! They’re really comfy to wear, especially at night. The next set though will be of a wool that’s a little less prone to pilling. They’re getting fuzzy fast:>

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