Working on the Jajim, take 2.

Well the first warp was a disaster so I’m starting over.  I have put out my warping stakes in the ground—a technique I saw on a youtube video of a Nepalese weaver—and then overspun commercial worsted weight wool for my warp.  It comes out to 15 epi when woven.

I’m halfway thru the warping process but lost the light so the project is covered up outside with a tarp till the dew dries tomorrow.  The tension on this warp is really good and I’m very happy with the ease of using the warping stakes.   The upside is that they are very, very portable while the downside is that you can’t warp at night or on messy days.  I suspect if I keep using the backstrap loom to do wide pieces that I’ll have to create an indoors warping system.  Right now the warping area is covered up with a tarp so it should be dry and ready to go in the morning once the sun is up.  The goal is to get a fairly wide warp with two distinct areas of patterning put together and then set it up to weave on a simple backstrap loom.  If I can get this done by 4pm the sun will have crested the roof of the house and I’ll have a very comfortable porch to weave on.

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