Jajims and nonpebbleweave Tent bands…

I have a yurt and love to research projects to decorate it correctly with.  I asked Bolivian Warmi  for help getting the right technique and she quickly pointed out that page 67 or 69 in the Peruvian book by Cahlender had the exact technique.  Here is a picture of the project from the book.  It’s the same as the First half of the double weave weavalong technique (located on Weavolution.com in the backstrap forum) but is not doublewoven.  It is warped the exact same way and picked the same way as the first step/first shuttle throw of the doubleweave project!   I am really excited.  Jajims are basically blankets and rugs made on a narrow warp then cut and pieced together.  So literature suggests that they may be quilted on the back.  Rug restorers in the past have had a nasty habit of taking them apart to use the dyed wools to restore the more valuable cut pile pieces.

front and back.

This is the pattern from the Cahlender book warped with one color of border and done in Paton’s 100% wool respun on my wheel.  It was surprisely fast and easy.  I did not “set” the wool but wrapped it around some tissue paper to create balls then used a warping board to put the warp together.  Here are some links to some truly wonderful jajims.  They have a second name of Gujari…. and you can find them on ebay using both this warp substitution method and a pebbleweave method.





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