Ground loom

Based on my research for my persona I’ve been working on trying several types/approaches to nomadic weaving. Lady Lydia was kind enough to take these pics and allow me to use them. I do have a rigid heddle in this warp but the next try will use string heddles on one “shaft” and a piece of wood behind that as a shed stick in the manner still used in Central Asia. The original warp was 6 yards but due to a few beginner errors I expect to come out with about 3 or 4 usable yards. This is also how yurt bands are woven. The white and purple are wool and the black is alpaca. My farrier made the stakes and tripod. A guild member made the wooden beater for me. I’m working on a basic weaving class for WOW about nomadic weaving and how you can weave for yourself in the SCA without having to purchase large looms and fairly inexpensively. It also doesn’t take nearly as long as you would think. Besides, it looks “right” beside my yurt:>:>:>. Yurtastic!!!!!!
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