Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

I was able to attend classes at SAFF this weekend and had a very fun, educational, and tiring time. I took an all day felting class on hat felting on Friday which was extremely well taught by an artist and author named Chad Hagen, then Saturday I was able to take a natural dyeing with exotic dyes class followed by another felting class making round seat cushions with a dyed inlaid felt design. Boy am I sore from standing up most of two days and all the pounding implied in the felting process but it was well worth the efforts. I’m hoping next year to just get a hotel room and take classes all three days. I never did get to see all the vendors, exhibitions, or animals due to the heavy class schedule. When I finish tweaking the hat I’m going to put up a pic of it but for now here are pics of the yarn and the situpon.

Dyes used…Logwood, Cochineal, Red Sandlewood, Henna, and Brazilwood. Felting used mostly a Norwegian mix that I”m in love with! Picked up a hat form so I suspect I’ll be doing some experimentation here and there. I was very, very happy to run into some of the ladies from my SC knitting group which I really miss these days living in NC as well as some of the folks from our history group. I was happy that one of my gals pointed out some gorgeous handdyed sock yarn and my dh is trying to wrap it into a ball for me to knit from right now. We also picked up some replacement needles for my needlefelting supplies and the folks actually remembered me from last year when I bought supplies and then came back the next day with a fully finished and decorated felt hat:>. I Love my felting and this year was even more interesting as I’ve picked up knitting as well. Too much fiber to choose from…

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One thought on “Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

  1. Helene

    Thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂

    That felting project looks really awsome, love the pattern!!

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