Yesterday I warped a small frame I found in the attic that my dh made years ago for me to do tapestry weaving and I tried a small Sprang pouch. It wasn’t very hard to do but I did make a few errors that of course I didn’t find til I took it off the loom. Probably I shouldn’t sprang while watching scifi. It’s interesting yet seems like a fairly limited form when compared to some of the other fiber arts I’ve done. Today I started a toe up sock with my Lionbrand selfstriping yarn that I had picked up on sale 2 months ago for about $2.25 a piece. I’m going to use the Turkish sock pattern on it to become accustomed to the pattern before trying a multicolor pair. I’m finding it nice to be able to work on small projects like socks when we’re driving up to NC or to weekend events and such:>. I’d also like to start another pair of CIC socks in this month. I have finally gotten my classes picked out for the Southeastern Fiber Fair up in Asheville, NC in Oct. and if I get the classes I’ve picked I’ll get to take dyeing fibers, rug felting, and hat felting. I’m really excited about this opportunity and hope to be able to save up some money to take and get new needles for my needle felting tools as well as fiber for future felting projects. Lots to do!

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