Adventures in Wooladdiction

Hurray! I have finished the second pair of cic socks in wool. I worked with a bluegray 100% wool and worked white in a wave pattern for two repeats around the cuff. I’m tickled to have completed the CIC challenge for this month! I’m think I’m going to try a pair of adult socks next in the lovely Trekking XXL yarn. This time I believe I’m going to try and find a pattern I haven’t tried before, perhaps a feather and fan start pattern.

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Wooladdiction

  1. Nickie

    Hi Lisa…the pattern I used started with a cast on of 56 stitches. My next pair I think I will try the Dragonscale pattern that I have seen on someone’s blog. By the way, you have done a really nice job with your blog!

    Thanks for checking in…Nickie

  2. Alyclepal

    Thank you:>. I will look up the Dragonscale pattern–it sounds intriguing. I’m finding keeping a blog is helping encourage me to keep doing more and trying more. Thanks about the blog, I’m getting help from DH who knows computers:>:>:>

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